Monday, November 1, 2010

Positive Steps

Positive Steps Therapy is a content managed website using WordPress. This website also features an online billpay that connects with Paypal automatically. To visit this website go to

Greensleeves inc

Greensleeves is one of the larger websites I have created recently. The client wanted a new brand image that corresponded to the awards for interiorscaping they have received lately. The website includes a Flash banner, drop down menu, and several custom-made flash galleries. To visit the website go to

Commercial Employees

This website was a fun design and was taken from the company's new brand image. To visit the website go to

Top Shelf Blends Revisited

This website design is one of my favorites as it was a lot of fun to design and the product label designs give the product a lot of personality to go from. To visit the website go to