Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Larry's Country Diner Ad

This ad was designed for Larry's Country Diner. I used elements from the James Gregory to compliment the ad.

Mozer Works

This website was designed by Skinny Cat Designs and developed by DLM Web Development.

e-newsletters and e-flyers

Skinny Cat Designs uses customized templates from e-newsletter services like Constant Contact or Vertical Response. These are examples:

Eco-Land Designs

Eco-Land Designs is a landscape design company based in Pittsburgh, PA. THis website is very clean and neat with accents on the green line throughout the website. Rollover the right side navigation to see cool Flash. To visit the website click on www.ecolanddesigns.com

Facebook Graphics

DLM Web Development and Skinny Cat Designs are now creating customized Facebook graphics for company Facebook pages.